A Pair Of Bride’s Wedding The Themed FC Bayern Muench

There is a unique pair of   bride‘s wedding from this. Dreams of fans clubs FC Bayern Munich became a reality. Fans of FC Bayern Muenchen from Jogjakarta designing their wedding theme with FC Bayern Munich.
Antonius Sasongko Revelation Kusumo or regular accosted with Koko is a member of the FC bayern Fan Indonesia (FCBF) Jogjakarta to regional ranching Club nicknamed Die Roten and Wife simultaneously.
Koko with his wife, Marina Trinareswari, Prita already intend if later married later they would make wedding themed FC Bayern Muenchen.
The initial idea was actually to make rich Stadium kepengen Allianz turban shape like that, but now it just made its entrance only,” said Koko as reported by the official website fcbayernfanindonesia.com.
Dale explains why they both make Allianz Stadium entrance, he says the entrance has become the icon of the FC Bavaria Munich itself.
I used to have goals when someday marry  wanted something themed FC Bayern and coincidence also I am a fans of Bavaria and Nationalmanschaft from the S.D.. my father is also a fan of Bavarian and Karl Heinz Rummenigge,” said Dale.
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