Pendant and a love letter so it’s dowry was Donita Wedding

Adi Nugroho, 36, and Noni Sik Asik Ramadhani or Donita, 25, kept the happy smile of indulgence. They have officially become husband and wife Saturday (6/9). Both of them implement the Covenant of marriage   at 15: 00 in Thamrin Nine Jakarta Ballroom.
After the Covenant of marriage, DonitaAdi claim Mario. Although, Adi managed to pronounce sentence in kabul with one consent breath.
That night, they held a reception in the same place. When Akkad, Donita wore a white wedding gown design Raden Sirait. In the meantime, while the reception of the Extinct film star chose the color fuchsia kebaya.
Donita married with Adi‘s dowry was a white gold jewelry weighing 6.9 grams and love letters.
I ask white gold pendant shaped‘s dowry was inscribed with the name of us. The weight corresponds to the date of the wedding, ” said Donita.
Then, the pendant was placed in a box in the shape of a hollow core book. So, in this book there are 99 boxes of sheets of paper as Asma al husna, ‘ ‘ continue Donita. The papers are glued together in such a way with a hole in the Center.
In addition to jewelry, Donita‘s dowry was asked for in the form of a love letter. I also ask Mas Adi wrote a love letter, ” the bright light.
She wanted her wedding to have a romantic feel. In addition, she would like to know what kind of phrase husband against it.
They arrived at the wedding location by using  antique car convoy accompanied by the moge. Wedding couples who are dating 1.5 years it witnessed Indro Warkop Affairs Adhyaksa Dault and former.
The decoration of the event dominated the color white, pink and fuchsia. There is also a pig-shaped ornament strung from a flower. Donita was interested in the color pink and accessories in the shape of a pig.
Wanted to aja. White‘s clean image, may our love clean and Holy. Donita also love pink pig puppet the same really. So given that, ‘ garnish Adi said. After marriage, they want to go for ‘ umrah
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