ess Skilled Make Cake? Make It Unique and tasty These Brownies

Brownie needs no special skills  because the cake originally did this easily createdbantat. Live mix chocolate, eggs, and flour, then bake. Moreover, there are someunique brownies. Guaranteed not boring.
In addition to wearing a mixture of chocolate, brownies can also be combined, Pecans,chili and cheese. It was very tasty with the sweet savory moist texture. Just select from a few brownies this Detikfood recommendation.
A piece of cake brownies are served on the table teak wood. Next to it a bitter   black coffee, so the coolest friends.
Ria (24) bite slowly layer the chocolate that seemed so solid. A student at one of theuniversities that indeed this type of cake lovers.
“Special brownies  this difference really. His hard, Dapetin must follow-up waiting list (waiting list) it used to be, “he told Saturday (30/8).
Buy brownies just have to join the waiting list? Ah, that is true enough. But, the fact is so. Ria even willing to wait up to six months for one cake box brownies.
It was awful, so inbelain waiting. Nah just I kok, many also on nungguin, “he said.
At first glance, these brownies look the same with the other. But, when tested, youcould find a piece of wafer chocolate Nutella Kitkat chime jams. In another variant,there is also a biscuit brand Oreo.
In fact, the most recent named Havermout Series, brownie mix oatmeal (cereal).Interestingly enough, isn’t it?.
Is Poetry Gladies Karina Dewi (26) the creative process of these materials. No wonderin ten months, the kitchen store, Gladies brownies online hers, awash in orders.
A day could get 1,300 e-mails,” says the woman who greeted this Gladies familiar.
Inasmuch as only two people who helped him, then only able to serve Gladies 20-25buyer in a day. One buyer is limited to a maximum of three boxes, making a total of 75made Brownie boxes. Practically, the want to buy must be willing to enter the waiting list.
“If baseball was so limited, the list of waiting list could be longer,” he said.
Although the entry waiting list, the buyer is required to pay off the payment in advance. Not pay for half term, or down payment (DP). This is to make it easier to manage  the order.
Certainly we love know first before, that this waiting list is approximately until suchtime. It is up to the purchasing, want to wait or baseball. If you want full paymentsystem in advance, “he said.
Story waiting list began when repeatedly send you one box Gladies brownies for freeto one artist as an endorsement (promotional support). The artist‘s testimony was lateruploaded to Twitter courtesy of the artist is to attract the number of subscribers.
Unexpectedly, this way is very effective. Previously, orders only eight boxes a week.Long-duration, increased to more than 1,000 boxes in a month.
In addition to send to artist, I also often bring tester brownies each time you see the same friends. Thank God, many are like, “he said.
Awash in order make Gladies happy at once sad. Happy because his turnovercontinues to grow. But, on the other hand, he has to be extra patient facing a chattycustomers.
Sometimes there are also sad if that message was baseball‘s impetuous, always askwhen orders came. I want him angry or kesel also baseball can be. So, have a lot ofpatience, “he said.
In anticipation of a long waiting list, now he made a new strategy. The order is no longer open at any time, or a month, but only one hour. It was for the production ofapproximately one month.
The system this way. The prospective buyer is obligated to follow the Twitter timelineand monitor @DapurGladies. There, Gladies will provide updated information on the menu and schedule an open order (open orders). When it’s opened, please messagevia e-mail or access social media (Line, Whatsapp, or Blackberry Messenger) that have been specified, and wait for the confirmation of the next.
Last week the new open order again, but is limited to one hour. Passing from hisemail that baseball will be a process, “he said.
In addition to selling online, Gladies brownies can be bought directly at his homelocated in Bandung, West Java. But, not all the time. Again, she will give you the information on Twitter when it will be ‘ open garage.
God willing, the forward was anxious to have a store. But, it is still not ready. Can praypromptly (open stores) Yes, “he said.
Another one that makes this Brownie sold sweet, the price is affordable. CheapestBrownie sold for Rp 55,000 (original), while the most expensive Rp 100,000 (KinderBueno Nutella) per box. Interested in trying? Get ready in waiting list.
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