How To Make A Cake Recipe Cat Tongue Soft Tasty

Cat Tongue pastry pastry is very popular because it is very crisp and have a crispytexture. Along with the growing business now pastries pastry tongue cat also undergoreforms, in terms of colour and it’s also been a lot more variation of sweet, savory, spicy, and with the other flavors.


Cat Tongue Pastry
So for those readers who are interested to make a cat  Tongue Pastry snack or just simply collecting recipes for the preparation of the record business, Cake makingrecipe Cat Tongue is hopefully an inspiration going forward. Please be listened to likewhere how to make this cake is as follows.
The material is to be prepared:
Consists of 2 materials.


The First One:
275 grams plain flour
2 eggs, take the yellow
½ teaspoon vanilla
300 grams butter
-175 g icing sugar
½ teaspoon perenyah cake (cookies), can  wear or not depending on taste
-25 g milk powder, choose the full cream
The Second:
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
2 eggs, take his white


How the cat Tongue Pastry creation as follows:
The first begins with a whisk butter, perenyah, powdered sugar and vanilla until well mixed and pale.
Then add the egg yolks, then beat again until fluffy using the mixer.
Maitikan mixer and stir in the flour and powdered milk, stirring until dough lau reallyflat and set aside
Whisk the whites with the use of separate place until fluffy, then add granulated sugar, remaining on the beat until stiff.
Put it into the main mixture slowly and gradually while at mix until evenly distributed.
And ready to be printed, with how to enter the dough onto plastic  wrap and lubangiedges and spray to a baking sheet.
After all the dough runs out printed, insert baking pan into the oven that has been heated to a temperature of about 160 degrees.
Then wait approximately 1520 minutes to appear brownish yellow.
And after stacking chill into airtight jar
So a little explanation on how to make a Cake Recipe Cat Tongue  characteristic Crispyrecipe-I and don’t miss another article about a recipe how to make DeliciousChocolate Steamed Sponge
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