Like Vegetable Cabbage? It Benefits His Senses

You may as housewives already memorized with a variety of vegetables and a namethat exists in the marketplace and how its shape. However it is still rarely knows about the benefits of cabbage. Although the vegetable this one is indeed very easy andplentiful, but still rarely know its benefits.
Maybe even the cabbage is considered not too good because it considered it couldlower blood pressure for people who are prone to anemia or low blood pressure. Forsome people may like that, but according the benefits of cabbageis
Reduce pain while breastfeeding and reduce the risk of breast cancer
Cabbage turns out to have a compound that is able to calm the swelling or anti-inflammatory in nature so it is not painful when nursing. Pregnant women are also very good to eat cabbage as it can meet the required vitamins and minerals of mother and fetus. Even cabbage can also be anti-carcinogen that is able to reduce the risk ofbreast cancer.
Reduce swelling
Since cabbage is an anti-inflammatory, it is very good when you are experiencingswelling, eat cabbage. You can cook it as soup, or boiled and served as a vegetablesalad. Cabbage can also reduce menstrual cramp pain due to blood circulation and launch. Cabbage can also lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
Strengthens the body immune system
Because the cabbage has many phytonutrients and antioxidants, you can also increase the body’s immune system by eating cabbage. Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients as antioxidants that help the body repair the damaged cells and prevent thebad effects of free radicals.
Treat digestive ulcer-like sore
If you are experiencing digestive disorders such as gastritis, then eat cabbage canrelieve the pain and to neutralize stomach acid. Cabbage can also relieve morning sickness when pregnant. even cabbage can help You lose weight because it is rich in fiber and low in calories.
So, eat cabbage could be one of the ingredients you need to buy food every week YesLadies, so that the body remains healthy.
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